Smoke On The Mountain: Magic and Witchcraft in Western Pennsylvania - A WitchCon Online 2024 class with Jimahl diFiosa

February 16 to 18, 2024

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Smoke On The Mountain: Magic and Witchcraft in Western Pennsylvania

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A Livestream Class with Jimahl diFiosa

Sunday, February 18 at 9:00 am in The Saturn Library

Much has been written on the subject of Appalachian folk magic, particularly that which derives from the remote mountains of deep Appalachia, but less is known about the unique magic and folklore of the Northern Appalachian range. As a native of western Pennsylvania, Jimahl brings an intimate perspective to this discussion on the fascinating world of witchcraft in the shadows of “Penn’s Woods.” During this talk, Jimahl will delve into the rich history of the magic and superstitions of the area (where the first witchcraft trial occurred years before the Salem hysteria), exploring its diverse symbols, remedies, and folklore. From simple remedies passed down through generations, to popular weather lore (made famous by a celebrity rodent), to hex craft and cunning people, dowsers and spiritualists, and into the darker magics of the German immigrant folklore which still haunt the countryside. Jimahl will share his insights and personal experiences within this uniquely magical world, illuminating the intricate and mysterious world of western Pennsylvania’s folklore and magic.

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Jimahl diFiosa
Jimahl diFiosa
Tomar, Santarem