WitchCon Online 2021 - Live Sales in Our Virtual Vendorium!

March 5th to 7th, 2021

Bring the Magic to You!

March 5th to 7th, 2021, join the largest online magical conference in the world, featuring over a hundred Witches and Conjurers coming to you by livestream video from across the globe!

Virtual Vendorium

Live: March 6th and 7th, 2021, 9 am to 6 pm

WitchCon Online 2021 Virtual Vendorium is Open to the Public!

Attendees and fans alike will love live shopping in our Virtual Vendorium, featuring powerful ritual tools, signed books, exquisite jewelry, and spellcrafts handmade by true practitioners in half-hour Live Sales. You don’t have to travel to the ends of the Earth to scour the witch markets: you can buy from enchanting artisans and score amazing tools and talismans from the comfort of your home!

Browse the schedule below for vendors and live session times. Sessions are livestreamed on the Hex Education Network on Crowdcast, a web platform with no need to download an app. You can also watch playbacks on-demand of any vending sessions that you missed so you don't miss out on a single magical treasure!

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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Saturday9:00 am

Hex: Old World Witchery

Vendor Website
Featuring Sandra Mariah Wright

The official shop of HexFest will also be represented by a vending table. Whether you want a handmade candle to bless your home, herbs to mix up your own magic, a real love potion, books on the arts of Witchery, or a Voodoo doll crafted by a true practitioner, Hex is for those who believe in magic and those whose hearts beat with its fire.

Saturday9:30 am
Vendor to be announced.
Saturday10:00 am

Ellen Evert Hopman, Author, Herbalist and Druid

Vendor Website
Featuring Ellen Evert Hopman

Ellen Evert Hopman is the author of a number of Celtic herbals, books on tree medicine and lore, books on herb magic and Druid novels, as well as books of interviews with modern Pagans, Witches and Druids.

Saturday10:30 am

Witch Way Magazine

Vendor Website
Featuring Tonya Brown

Witch Way Magazine publishes book, periodicals, and podcasts on practical magic. We encompass magical and spiritual perspectives on various paths and traditions. It is our goal to make witchcraft approachable for everyone.

Saturday11:00 am

Fenix Flames

Vendor Website
Featuring Ashley Mortimer

Fenix Flames is the publisher of Pagan and occult books by authors such as Patricia Crowther and Philip Heselton. The brainchild of Sarah Kay it continued her legacy after her untimely death and as well as book publishing we make and sell handmade magical incense oils and candles from Sarah's own recipes.

11:30 am — 45 Minute Lunch Break
Saturday12:15 pm

Dark Candles

Vendor Website
Featuring Shannon Marie Daoust

Dark Candles opened its website on February 1, 2003, and is the originator of Gothic and Horror themed candles made specifically for people with dark and eccentric tastes. With an outstanding record of great customer service and superior products, Dark Candles is committed to providing unique candles, body care, and home fragrance for people like us – those who have a penchant for the macabre and the darker side of life, all year long!

Saturday12:45 pm

City Alchemist

Vendor Website
Featuring Alexis A. Arredondo and Eric J. Labrado

City Alchemist provides an array of occult and esoteric products for the curious or advanced practitioner. We offer readings, cleansings and apothecary goods for all your spiritual needs. City Alchemist specializes in urban magia/magic of the Texas-Mexican border, so come browse our unique collection of charms, oils, metaphysical books and occult curios!

Saturday1:15 pm

Allos Anthropos

Vendor Website
Featuring Elie Barnes

Allos Anthropos Herbs from a Witch's Garden are grown and harvested in a large magical garden in the lower ninth ward of New Orleans. Elie Barnes and Ed Bradley use biodynamic, organic methods and magical, astrological correspondences to grow and harvest 100 different plants and herbs. Utilizing witchcraft and magic rituals; the herbs are made into various products such as smudge sticks, planetary blends, dream pillows and charm bags.

Saturday1:45 pm

Pentagram Witchcraft and Magick Shoppe

Vendor Website
Featuring Leanne Marrama

Witches Leanne Marrama and Timothy Reagan welcome you to Pentagram: Witchcraft and Magick Shoppe, a place where magick is for everyone! Sample their wares and authentic goods including candles, incense, potions, and jewelry. Many of the items handcrafted by real practicing witches.

Saturday2:15 pm

Mystic Echoes

Vendor Website
Featuring Charity Bedell

HMystic Echoes is a small metaphysical occult shop that specializes in handmade pagan, occult, magical, spiritual, and mystical items and gifts. We focus extensively on the use of all natural herbs and essential oils in our products to gain the best possible effect. All of our herbal based products are made purely with essential oils and naturally dried herbs. There are no synthetic scents involved at all.

Saturday2:45 pm

Author A.C. Fisher Aldag

Vendor Website
Featuring A.C. Fisher Aldag

Books! From Llewellyn Worldwide: the non-fiction "Common Magick: Origins and Practices of British Folk Magick" and the Pagan fiction books "Cambria, Indiana", "This Bright Land of Blessing", and "Afalon, Ohio", available from Ravenswood Publications and Amazon.

Saturday3:15 pm

Phyllis Curott

Vendor Website
Featuring Phyllis Curott

The Witches Wisdom Tarot, Wicca Made Easy, Book of Shadows 20th Anniversary Edition, schedule private readings and consultations

Saturday3:45 pm


Vendor Website
Featuring Baba Teddy Jauw

We sell all books by Ted and Kate Henriott Jauw, Sacred Objects made by the authors as well as services like divination, consultation and commission work.

Saturday4:15 pm

Gallows Hill Witchery

Vendor Website
Featuring Sandra Mariah Wright

Sandra and Kevin Wright run Gallows Hill Witchery from their home at the top of Gallows Hill in Salem, Massachusetts. They will be offering a gorgeous selection of sterling silver jewelry and talismans, palm stones, crystal wands, balls, and skulls, and signed copies of Sandra and Leanne's book "Reading the Leaves: An Intuitive Guide to the Ancient Art and Modern Magic of Tea Leaf Divination."

Saturday4:45 pm

Golden Apple Metaphysical

Vendor Website
Featuring Diana Rajchel

Golden Apple Metaphysical: Your steampunk botanical offers teas, syrups, magickal supplies, spell kits, and handmade magickal innovations.

Saturday5:15 pm

Spirit Keeper's Tarot

Vendor Website
Featuring Benebell Wen

The Spirit Keeper's Tarot, hand-crafted spell oils and anointing oils, spell kits, Taoist talismans, and charged gemstones and crystals.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sunday9:00 am

The Pocono Witch Shoppe

Vendor Website
Featuring E. Massey

The Pocono Witch Shoppe offers unique magickal and occult items that have been hand-crafted and picked by author, artist, and practicing Witch, E. Massey, the “Pocono Witch”. Unlike other “metaphysical” and occult stores many of our items are one of a kind and uniquely created by hand and hand picked from suppliers and crafters from all over the world.

Sunday9:30 am

Serpentine Spiritual Arts

Vendor Website
Featuring Jennifer Medway

Serpentine Spiritual Arts offers unique and energetically potent creations that assist with manifestation. Sancista Jennifer’s wares include authentic, handmade Vodou, conjure, witchcraft, Santa Muerte, ceremonial magick, and brujeria ritual tools, oils, bone and curio divination collections, blessed spirit jewelry and amulets, fixed candles, spell kits, and other occult supplies and folk art. She creates products on feast days for working with the spirits and blesses and charges them on altars.

Sunday10:00 am

The House of Life-Botanicals

Vendor Website
Featuring Jim Sayers

The House of Life-Botanicals is a small-batch Apothecary, creating hand-crafted herbal offerings with intention for personal wellness. Body, Mind and Spirit.

Sunday10:30 am

Judy Ann Nock

Vendor Website
Featuring Judy Ann Nock

Judy Ann Nock will be selling a limited amount of signed copies of her newest book, The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs.

Sunday11:00 am

Bosco di Artemisia

Vendor Website
Featuring Giulia Turolla

Bosco di Artemisia is a renown Italian maker of handmade shamanic drums and rattles, made using ancient techniques, artisanal, mastery, love and care for raw materials. We also offer unique sets for various types of divination and made to order special tools for practitioners of witchcraft and shamanism.

11:30 am — 45 Minute Lunch Break
Sunday12:15 pm

Crescent City Conjure

Vendor Website
Featuring Sen Elias

A full-service Conjure, Hoodoo, and Witchcraft supplier that offers spiritual tools, services, readings, magical Supplies, and consultations for the community.

Sunday12:45 pm

Eternal Stitch

Vendor Website
Featuring Jacq Civitarese

Eternal Stitch offers dramatic cloaks, witches hat, tarot bags, altar clothes and other unique witch/pagan focused sewn items from premiere Salem, Ma witch, Jacq Civitarese.

Sunday1:15 pm

Magickal Relams

Vendor Website
Featuring Lady Rhea

Magickal Realms website is devoted to the unique creations of Lady Rhea. Enchanted Candles, oils and incense. Hand carved and glittered candles are the specialty of the craft that Lady Rhea created and authored her book “The Enchanted Candle” circa 1986 in New York City’s famous Enchatments. Enchanted oils designed and created by Lady Rhea is an interpretation of her own unique experience in working the magickal shops of New York City for the last forty five years

Sunday1:45 pm

Madame Zee Tarot

Vendor Website
Featuring Madame Zee

Madame Zee provides in depth Tarot sessions for empowerment & helping you move through the next level in your life.

She also provides 1:1 Tarot Counseling sessions as well as Magickal Life Coaching sessions.

Sunday2:15 pm

Lilith Dorsey

Vendor Website
Featuring Lilith Dorsey

Lilith Dorsey is an international best-selling author and psychic reader. She will be offering signed copies of her books Water Magic, Orishas, Goddesses and Voodoo Queens, and Love Magic.

Sunday2:45 pm

The Sacred Well

Vendor Website
Featuring Yeshe Matthews

Nestled in a magical canyon just 10 minutes south of Mt Shasta, our family-owned shop in Dunsmuir is a warm, inviting refuge of color, beauty, and magic. We feature local arts, sustainable and fair-trade gifts, healing crystals, and more. We make our own products, with a full line of natural beauty care, perfumes with purpose, Goddess oils, and herbal teas and powders to help you make every day a little bit more magical.

Sunday3:15 pm

Charmed By Starr

Vendor Website
Featuring Starr RavenHawk

A Most Spellbinding Place to Visit for all your magickal needs…. Incense, oils, bath salts, books, herbs, chalices, cauldrons, statues, Oils blended with the Goddesses and Gods of Old & New in mind. The Realm of the Underworld Graveyard Kits

Sunday3:45 pm

Bridging Worlds Botanica

Vendor Website
Featuring Krystal Athena Hubbard

bridging worlds botanica is an online store offering handmade spiritual products such as Spiritual waters, condition soaps, condition oils, condition whipped body butters, self-igniting incense powders, protection talisman, herbs, and curios.

Most popular items are:

  • Get the Funk Off soap
  • VanVan soap and oil
  • Calm TF Down soap
  • Clear Thinking soap
  • Love Me bath
  • I Get What I Want Whipped Body Butter
  • Kananga Water
  • Florida Water
Sunday4:15 pm

Taren S

Vendor Website
Featuring Taren S

I will be offering the books I have written: Hoodoo in the Psalms Dedicant's Guide to Coven Life Bag Yo' Mojo Two Witch Crones & 21 Magickal Tea Recipes Crossroads Witchcraft; The Ingredients

Sunday4:45 pm

LunaNoire Creations

Vendor Website
Featuring Frances Billinghurst

LunaNoire Creations offers an array of handcrafted and quality imported products for the discerning witch and magical practitioner. All devotional beads, crystal bracelets and crystal malas are crafted onsite from AA+ crystals. Custom orders welcome. Also available are quality imported resins, leather journals and altar supplies. All proceeds help with publication costs. 15% of sales donated to Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Sunday5:15 pm

Mickie Mueller Studio

Vendor Website
Featuring Mickie Mueller

Mickie Mueller's mixed media art is created with watercolor and magickal herbs combined with colored pencil. The energy channeled during the creation of each piece becomes part of every copy of the artwork. We sell prints and our dye sublimation set-up in the studio also allows us to imprint the art on coffee mugs, ornaments, garden flags, altar tiles, candle sconces, tarot bags and tins, candle jars, purses, amulets and more. Each items is hand pressed right in the studio made one at time.