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February 16 to 18, 2024

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Jimahl diFiosa

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Class – Smoke On The Mountain: Magic and Witchcraft in Western Pennsylvania

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Bio for Jimahl diFiosa

Jimahl diFiosa is a respected Elder and Priest of the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft. His interest in the occult spans many years. Jimahl was born in Western Pennsylvania in the foothills of Northern Appalachia. He was raised in a deeply religious community, yet one which is inextricably linked to the magic and folklore of the early European settlers.

Jimahl is a published author. In 1999 his first book, “A Voice in the Forest,” became an overnight success with critics and readers alike and is now regarded as a classic of pagan literature. “All the King’s Children,” “A Coin for the Ferryman, the Death and Life of Alex Sanders,” and “A Place At The Table” complete his literary contributions to the Alexandrian tradition of witchcraft. Other writings include “Talk to Me,” which chronicles his experiences with spirit communication, and “The Real Thing - An Unbiased Memoir of My First 70 Years”,

Jimahl currently resides in the Templar city of Tomar, Portugal with his husband, Karagan Griffith. He is presently working on his seventh book “Cast the Spell and Pass the Port, an American Witch in Portugal.”

When asked to describe himself, Jimahl prefers to say simply “I’m just another grape picker in the vineyard of life.”

Visit Jimahl diFiosa online at redfaunpress.com

Jimahl diFiosa
Jimahl diFiosa
Tomar, Santarem