Gardens for the Dead: Ghosts, Graveyards, Gods, and Goddesses - A WitchCon Online 2024 class with Christina Wilke-Burbach

February 16 to 18, 2024

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Gardens for the Dead: Ghosts, Graveyards, Gods, and Goddesses

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A Livestream Class with Christina Wilke-Burbach

Sat at 1:45 pm in The Saturn Library

Create, craft, and cultivate a garden to use as a magickal tool! Gardens for the Dead (Ghosts, Gods, Goddesses, and Graveyards) are both outdoor and indoor gardens (cemmetarium) for ancestor worship and veneration, grief and loss, spirit communication and necromancy, offerings to underworld and chthonic deities, and for underworld deity worship.

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • A brief history of gothic and cemetery gardening (rooted in Spiritualism and the Victorian Era)
  • Underworld and Chthonic deities from around the world
  • Flowers, herbs, and other plants that are associated with death, dying, the dead, graveyard, spirits, and deities
  • The “gothic” plants with black flowers and dark foliage
  • Design elements and features of outdoor Gardens for the Dead
  • Design elements and features of indoor Gardens for the Dead (Cemmetariums)
  • How to incorporate graveyard magick and graveyard dirt into your gardens
  • How to harvest and use the plants you grow in these Gardens for the Dead for magick and witchcraft
  • Suggested spellwork/ritual when creating these gardens

Christina will also share some pictures of her poison, cemetery, and gothic gardens for inspiration!

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Christina Wilke‑Burbach
Christina Wilke‑Burbach
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
United States