Working with an Ancestral Healer - A WitchCon Online 2024 class with Winifred Tannetta-Costello

February 16 to 18, 2024

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Working with an Ancestral Healer

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A Livestream Class with Winifred Tannetta-Costello

Sat at 10:30 am in The Saturn Library

What is an Ancestral Healer, and what does it mean to seek out one versus simply working with the general collective of Ancestors? When you connect with and build a reciprocal alliance with an Ancestral Healer, you embody a deeper, more complex, and more potent way of healing.

You are the living expression of your ancestors and, as such, a lineage keeper, holding a thread of a greater, cumulative legacy. We have the capacity to remedy aspects of our lineage that are unresolved, difficult, problematic, and/or harmful through the work we do with our Ancestors. We also have the opportunity to heal, grow, expand, and overcome obstacles. An Ancestral Healer offers a potent ally in this nuanced level of Spirit Work.

Within your lineage, whether through blood (DNA) or beyond blood (chosen kin), there is a Sacred Ancestral Healer open to collaborating.

Join Winifred for this workshop, during which she will:

  • Explain who and what is an Ancestral Healer
  • Guide you through the different lineages you can connect to; whether blood or chosen kin
  • Suggest methods for making contact, opening up a spiritual correspondence, and growing a reciprocal partnership
  • Share the benefits this can bring to your path.

Tapping into the archives of ancestral wisdom, empowered by the guidance of an Ancestral Healer, can facilitate powerful transformation in yourself and your life.

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Winifred Tannetta‑Costello
Winifred Tannetta‑Costello
South Hadley, Massachusetts
United States