Herbal Allies: Plants as Spiritual Allies in your Magick and for your Well Being - A WitchCon Online 2021 class with Jim Sayers

March 5 to 7, 2021

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Herbal Allies: Plants as Spiritual Allies in your Magick and for your Well Being

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A Livestream Class with Jim Sayers

Sunday, March 7 at 3:15 pm in The Sun Solarium

If you look far enough back in your own lineage there was a person skilled in the use of plants for medicine and spiritual well-being. You as a modern magickal person can tap into your ancestral cord and draw forth that wisdom for you to utilize in your daily life.

Herbal Allyship is rooted in the world's oldest and most essential spiritual perspective- animism. As Graham Harvey defines it, “Animism is the belief that the world is filled with people, only some of which are human but all of which deserve respect.” Animism allows us to see plants not just as things, but as beings with their own inherent spirit, consciousness, power, and wisdom. The plant spirits are wise and powerful but do not communicate in the same way we humans do that doesn't mean you can't build a relationship and lasting connection to them as allies in your magickal workings and for your health-Body, Mind and Spirit.

Class Highlights:

  • Energy and Application: We will move away from Western ideas of, “What is this herb good for?” In Western Herbalism, an herb that has the medicinal effects of relieving a migraine is good for everyone's migraines. In Herbal Allyship, we recognize that each person's cause, manifestation, and experience of migraine is completely unique and that we must find the plant or plants that best speak to their unique experience. Feverfew might be great for your migraine, but Vervain might be the proper ally for someone else's. We are challenged in Herbal Allyship to see people. We can't just look up the properties of an herb in a book and run out and get it... Instead, we have to know the personality of the human and of the plant and play matchmaker. We have to use our intuition how the balanced energies of the plant can help the imbalanced energies of the human.
  • Medicine & Magick: Herbal Allyship doesn't stop at migraines. It goes all the way in. It speaks to the full story of the human experience in every single way. We can work with the plants in this practice for the physical, mental, and emotional imbalances and also for the spiritual and energetic ones. In fact, they're usually all wrapped up together in a surprisingly neat little package. All are connected.

The herbs can speak to our level of self-worth, abundance, romance, protection, and intuition/psychic ability just as much as they can provide essential nutrients and medicinal effects in the body. They can help us sleep and dream, relax and learn to receive, digest better and process more efficiently, clarify our vision and find our way on our own individual paths.

The process of Herbal Allyship is magick. Essentially, you will learn the process of working with the natural energies of plants and other beings to effect needed change in our lives- it's about changing us deeply from within so that we can live our best lives.