Meet Your Power Animal - A WitchCon Online 2024 class with André Consciência

February 16 to 18, 2024

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Meet Your Power Animal

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A Livestream Class with André Consciência

Sunday, February 18 at 9:00 am in The Sun Solarium

Join André Consciência as you learn one of the most fundamental aspects of neo-shamanism: finding your power animal. The power animal brings benefits to your journey and confidence, helping to deepen your understanding of yourself, your skills, and your faculties. With this guide, you will tap into the raw and unsurmountable strength behind your personality traits.

Many seek the Totem or Power Animal as the animal they prefer or that they have intellectually decided to choose. Some study the animal's symbolism and meaning and remain attached to a more or less rational idea of the animal. However, the animal must, if properly saught, be unique to the individual and the sole teacher of his nature, and it must be found by the deep subconscious mind rather than by its rational surface. This course teaches you how to enter the trance state necessary to achieve the union with the power animal.

In this class, you'll:

  • Learn to purify your mind via sensory input and enter light trance states.
  • Learn to leave your body with your subtle body and travel the Middle World.
  • Learn how to journey to the Deep World and find your power animal/personal animal.
  • Learn how to start to embody the animal.

The Totem is a path to a self that is natural, flowing, connected, and free. Dare to enter this journey!

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André Consciência
André Consciência
Caparica, Setúbal