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February 16 to 18, 2024

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Sean Wilde

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Class – The Path of the Sin Eater

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Bio for Sean Wilde

Bishop Sean Wilde UE, the author of Magic Without Tools, is a Cabot Priest and member of the Aurum Solis. He is the only publicly verified traditional sin eater in the world. His spiritual and magical journey began at the age of 4, with a haunting in his childhood home. His first public speaking engagement was at the age of 11. He has spoken in Canada and the United States at conferences, festivals, universities, and secondary schools. Trained at university in Anthropology, Philosophy, and Religion and Culture, his post-secondary background introduced Sean to a variety of traditions, faiths and systems of thought. Throughout his journey he’s been a professional psychic, ghost hunter, magic without tools teacher, co-authored a published training manual for a Western Magical Tradition in Ontario, and advised on books about living vampires. Exploring magic both in the spirit of anthropological participant observation and as an Initiate of different traditions has given him an often-unique perspective on the spiritual world. His collective training, schooling, participation, and discussions ranging from healing modalities, a Western Mystery School, Roman Catholic healing masses, countless rituals of various traditions, and even training in the spirituality of Opus Dei, informs his magic.

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Sean Wilde
Sean Wilde
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States