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February 16 to 18, 2024

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Karla María

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Class – Calavera Magick: Ancient Mexican Philosophy on Sacrificial Offerings

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Bio for Karla María

Karla María is a psychologist and psychotherapist. She is a writer and creator interested in the encounter between science and the spiritual vision of the human heart, which she develops in her private office and spiritual space called “Psirio: Psique y Medicina”

She is trained in spiritual and ancestral Mexican philosophy known as “Totecayotl.” As a Mexican medicine woman, she has the degree of Tonalpouhque (the one that knows the destinies). She is a Mexican scribe and Temazcalli—the woman that heals in the house of fire. Given the name Chiknahui Ehecatl, Karla María shares the sacred medicine/black magick called Tezcatlipoca

Visit Karla María online at facebook.com/PsirioMedicina

Karla María
Karla María
Mexico City