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February 16 to 18, 2024

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Jade Sol Luna

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Class – Western Aghora - Purpose of invoking dark deities

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Bio for Jade Sol Luna

Occultist, Musician, Hecate priest with the “Temple of Hecate” and Astrologer, Jade Sol Luna is the first Westerner ever to reconstruct the Yavanajataka (Ancient Greek astrological text that was later absorbed by India) back to its original Greco-Roman format. Jade Luna has traveled extensively around the planet, lecturing and conducting workshops on the shadow aspects of Ancient mysticism.

Jade has traveled to India more than 30 times and spent a great deal of time with various teachers, Saints, and Sadhus in Asia. Jade is a practitioner of Aghori, a path focused on the goddess Kali. In 2005, Jade transformed his extensive eastern practice into a western format and has directed his Aghoric practices toward the Greek Goddess Hecate. Jade is the author of Hecate I, Hecate II, ASTERIAN Astrology, and 27 Stars. Find Jade at www.instagram.com/jadesolluna

Visit Jade Sol Luna online at asterianastrology.com

Jade Sol Luna
Jade Sol Luna
Joshua Tree CA, California
United States