March 3 to 5, 2023

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Alexis Pharae

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Class – Intro to the Modern Vampyre

Sat at 1:45 pm in The Mars Chamber

Bio for Alexis Pharae

Vampyre Witch Alexis Pharae is an initiated Vampyre Priestess (of the Orde Strigoi Vii), an intuitive psychic, a second-generation Polarity Therapist, and an energy practitioner. She is also is a member of the Sabretooth Clan, Brood of 2018.

Co-Owner of both Vampfangs and Maison Vampyre in Salem, Massachusetts, Alexis produces the Endless Night Salem (and New England) Vampire Ball events. These internationally-attended events serve as the central gathering for the Vampyre Culture (VC) of Salem, and the entire New England region. Her abilities and contributions to the Vampyre Current in Salem have been instrumental in the rise of the Vampyre Witch as an integral part of the fabric of Salem’s Magick Community.

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Alexis Pharae
Alexis Pharae
Salem, Massachusetts
United States