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February 16 to 18, 2024

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Alexander Cabot

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Bio for Alexander Cabot

Born in Havana, Cuba on an “Old Moon” during September’s autumnal equinox, he was the first child born to his mother. She had a miscarriage of her first pregnancy, arising from a hex put on her, one filled with envy and deceit. Alexander grew up knowing he was born to counteract that spell and save his mother’s happiness and life. Living in New York, at a very tender age, he was taught the magickal traditions of a line of men in his family. Within that lineage, his great grandfather, grandfather, and father possessing initiated Masonic and the “Occult Sciences” presented a good influence for him to model himself after. Being not of English descent, he was genuinely curious and heart-fully drawn to British Traditional Witchcraft at the early age of eleven through the writings of Gerald Gardner, Sybil Leek, and Doreen Valiente. When Alexander turned thirteen, he was initiated into Palo Mayombe—an Afro-Cuban path with roots in the Congo. Then he began his spiritual studies of “El Envangelio De Alan Kardec” at El Templo; La Luz, Cristobal De Jesus, and was crowned on his 19 birthday. African spirit guides carried him to be initiated into the African diaspora religions such as Santeria/Lucumi Tradition. He was the right-hand man for an Oriate, Chief High Priest. Alexander was initiated into Welsh and Gardnerian/NY Wicca, where he was taught by Lady Rhea throughout the 1990s. For several years afterward, he devoted all his time to his profession in surgery. Having mastered that purpose for the “All,” the higher power, Alexander decided to return to the Craft and re-energize his spiritual journey once more, beginning on the Great Sabbat of Samhain in 2009. Being mentored, initiated, and ordained by the “Official Witch of Salem,” Reverend Laurie Cabot, HPs, Alexander’s communal energies are now in Salem, Massachusetts, as well as New York City, where he resides being a Third Degree High Priest of The Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple and an elder in his community.

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Alexander Cabot
Alexander Cabot
West NY, New Jersey
United States